About Us

Starpro Sanwa Ayutthaya Modified Starch Co., Ltd. (SSAMS) was established in 2016 by P.M.I. Business Group and Sanwa Starch Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya, Thailand. It is the most innovative food grade pre-gelatinized starch company with the biggest capacity in Asia-Pacific.

SSAMS is built on the premise of food safety, therefore, we adopted an advanced enclosed plant design. With respect to the flow of pipelines, factory planning and the materials for equipment, everything adheres to strict food safety regulations. To minimize food safety risks, we have implemented a highly automated production system, reducing personnel intervention. Further, we introduced a comprehensive quality control system. All products are packaged inside an ISO8-class clean room to ensure safe and flawless products.

In terms of technology, SSAMS has implemented pre-gelatinization and humidity-control technology from Sanwa Starch, enhancing our product stability and application range.

SSAMS upholds food safety as the highest business principles and dedicates to the creation and improvement of application of pre-gelatinized starches. While constantly refining the process management to ensure the product's competitive advantages, SSAMS also keeps close communication with the market and industry experts to provide the safest and best pre-gelatinized starch products.

By continuously improving ourselves, we hope to become models of excellence for automated, pre-gelatinized, modified starch factories in Asia-Pacific.

Our mission is to create and develop pre-gelatinized starch and provide our customers with the highest quality and safest products.

Our core value of client-oriented innovation as well as global cooperation makes us the leading company in the pre-gelatinized starch space.

About Us

Quality and Innovation


We established an excellent quality control system to oversee the entire process. Our R&D team is capable of working together with clients to provide tailored solutions upon request. These components have earned our clients’ trust domestically and abroad. Hence, we are rapidly emerging as one of the leading companies in the pre-gelatinized starch space.


SSAMS is certified with the latest version of FSSC22000, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and Halal certification. These certifications have established us as a reliable partner with global competence.

Quality Control

SSAMS inspects raw materials, semi-products, and end-products on a regular basis. We have a rigorous quality policy conducting our process. A highly automated system helps us record processing parameters and maximize the ease by which we implement our quality control approach.

Product R & D

Our experienced R&D team has been working in the pre-gelatinized starch industry for decades. With our comprehensive and sophisticated analytical instruments, we are capable of customizing products with an exact viscosity and gelatinization. Consequently, we have worked with our clients successfully and have provided solutions to meet their every need.


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Our Factory

Features and Strengths

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Enclosed plant design

Our factory is designed as a well-covered structure that is fully isolated from external pollutants such as dust or airborne objects. There is also a net fortifying the gate of the warehouse for further protection. All of the raw materials and semi-products, as well as finished products are delivered within stainless pipes to isolate them from external contamination.

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Material control

To fulfill our mission of supplying high standard, food-grade products, we carefully selected our raw material sources by means of a strict supplier selection, auditing, and incoming goods inspection. Additionally, all of our materials and products are placed in designated locations. With this, we can effectively control the flow of goods and improve overall work efficiency to guarantee product quality.

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Water treatment

Water quality influences the purity of pre-gelatinized starch and therefore plays a critical role in its performance and applications. We implemented an advanced water treatment system including a filtration tank, RO water facility, and ultraviolet sterilization devices. This has given us the ability to manufacture safe and diversified products to fulfill clients’ needs.

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Automation processing

SSAMS implements a highly automated production management system that bolsters production efficiency and consistency. By minimizing on-site labor activity throughout the process, potential food safety risks are greatly diminished. Via a real-time monitoring system, we can effectively record the processing parameters and make necessary adjustments on the spot. All of these efforts guarantee top quality products.

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Quality management

By employing a rigorous sampling and auditing practice, we meticulously inspect every operation throughout the line. There are several sets of metal detectors installed in every line to prevent possible contamination. Our products are packed in an ISO8-class clean room where the temperature, air pressure, air flow, as well as humidity is controlled within ideal conditions to assure stable and consistent quality.

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Unique technology

In terms of technology, SSAMS inherits the unique "Humidity-Controlling" technology from Sanwa Starch to accurately manipulate the moisture content of pre-gelatinized starch. This exclusive technology helps improve the viscosity stability, processing convenience, and end-product performance.