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The CRISPRO/TEXPERT series pre-gelatinized starches are designed for a wide variety of snacks, baked goods, and deep fried foods as a texturizer to bring forth the desired texture of your products.

These gluten-free ingredients produce instant viscosity and provide ideal water retention. When more water is bound within the food, baked goods attain a superior mouthfeel and a longer shelf life.

It generates desired textures, from soft-crunchy to hard-crisp, to baked, fried, or extruded snacks. In addition, our products exhibit homogenous expansion that guarantees enhanced end-product performances.

The CRISPRO/TEXPERT series offers exceptional adhesion between food and batters, leading to a better appearance.

  • Crispness / Crunchiness
  • Expansion
  • Water retention
  • Softness / Moistness
  • Binding
  • Crispness


The STABILITE series pre-gelatinized starches are designed for cold process sauces, instant soup powder, and convenience foods as a stabilizer that provides long-lasting viscosity. This product series is suitable for instant soup powder applications.

It easily dissolves in warm water without clumping and provides a creamy and smooth mouthfeel.

These starches can be used as a fat replacer in low-fat mayonnaise to thicken the mayo, reduce the calorie count, and provide an appealing, smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

  • Instant / Stable viscosity
  • Thickener
  • Smooth / Creamy mouth feel


VISTAR series pre-gelatinized starches are designed for glutinous rice balls and dumplings as a binder that increases yield rate.

With VISTAR series starches, you can minimize surface cracking due to dehydration as a result of refrigeration/freezing. This allows the appearance of products to remain intact, and therefore increase customer appeal.

  • Binder
  • Water retention